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Welcome To Darul Uloom Imam Ahmed Raza

The Way Forward To our Nxt Feneration The system of equality and acquisition of knowledge was introduced by our magnificent prophet (Peace be Upon him) centuries ago when females had no right of education who were dominated by the ignorant males. Females should there for be equally treated with their male counter parts in many spheres of life so as to aford them fair and reasonable opportunity of freedoms at par with their male counter parts, of course with reasonable restrictions, which enhances their motivation, self respect, detemination, personality developments, good conscious and what not. In this regard the Holy Prophet(Peace be upon him) has said "II is incumbent & obligatory upon every muslim male as well as female to seek and acquire knowledge". It is needless to say that the mothers is the first institute for her child. It is therefore necessary to admit every child in a school, College and University for the overall development of the personallity of the child wich ultimatly develop our society. Our Nation.


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